Double lane sandwiching with sandwiches counting machine

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Double lane sandwiching with sandwiches counting machine


  • Double Pane Single Flavor
  • biscuits size: Round biscuits: Φ40-Φ70mm, thickness:4-8mm
  • Rectangle biscuits (LxW): (35-70)x(40-70)mm
  • Electricity: 5Kw,220V,50-60Hz
  • Feeding conveyor: 2.4meters 
  • Weight:about1200kg

Main Parts List :

  • ServoMotor: Delta,Taiwan-China
  • Cream hopper motor: Dongli,Taiwan-China​
  • PLC Modular PLC : Dongli,Taiwan-China​
  • Invertors : Delta,Taiwan-China​​
  • Touch screen :Delta,Taiwan-China
  • Power switches Schneider
  • AC contactor Schneider
  • Relays  :Omron
  • Photocell Autonics,Korea
  • Switches and indicator: Schneider
  • Heater Chinese brand
  • Pneumatic parts :Air-tech,China


2.BOE3Three-servo drive Biscuitson-edge wrapping machine

  • Main technical data:-Driving:(3)sets of servo motor for control biscuit feeding ,film feeding and seal knives
  •  Capacity: 30to100packs/minute
  • Packing range: Length: 75to240mm ,Width:30to90mm, Height: 30to80mm - 
  • Power  consumption:5.2kW, threephase:380V,50Hz
  • Net weight:1,500kg
  • Packing material: Any heat-melt-cut sealing materials such as paper/PE,OPP/PE, OPP/AL/PE, etc





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